Recycling at UNI

UNI/Cedar Falls Substation Map

On-Campus Bottle Recycling Map

Q. I want to recycle my plastic water and pop bottles, but I don't know where the bins are. Where can I recycle my plastic bottles on UNI's campus?

A. There are several places around campus to recycle your plastic bottles:

  1. East of the ITTC
  2. East of Rod Library
  3. East of Wright Hall
  4. South of East Bartlett
  5. Southeast corner of Lang Hall
  6. North of Seerley Hall
  7. North of Gilchrist Hall
  8. Begeman Hall
    • First Floor outside Room 101
  9. Baker Hall
    • Coming soon to the 2nd Floor behind the stairwell opposite room 223
  10. Maucker Union
    • 19 Bins located nest to most trash cans
  11. Wellness/Recreation Center
    • WRC Lounge
    • Main Hall near the Crunch Cart
    • East Upstairs Fitness Area
    • Lower Level Rock Wall Area
    • Hall by Computer Lab
    • 2nd Floor Elevator Area

Q. Where is the UNI recycling substation, who can recycle there and what can be recycled?

A. The UNI recycling substation is located west of Hudson Road, north of the UNI Power Plant on the west side of Panther Parkway. This site is open to everyone affiliated with the University of Northern Iowa and all Cedar Falls residents. The site accepts household recyclables including:

  1. Plastics, coded 1 through 7
  2. Plastic grocery bags
  3. Clear glass
  4. Tin cans
  5. Office paper
  6. Cardboard
  7. Newsprint
  8. Magazines

Q. What are we doing at UNI to reduce paper waste?

A. The University of Northern Iowa has an active paper-recycling program. Approximately 250,000 to 300,000 pounds of paper are recycled annually. In most academic buildings there are two waste receptacles at workstations: one dedicated to paper and the second for all other refuse.

Q. Where can I recycle printer cartridges and batteries on UNI's campus?

A. Campus Supply recycles old printer ink cartridges and rechargeable batteries under 2 pounds. To recycle, send printer cartridge or batteries to mail code 0195 and mark "recycle."

Q. Can pizza boxes be recycled?

A. Yes. However, if they are tainted with oil and grease they are not recyclable, unless you remove the tainted portions. When paper products, like cardboard, are recycled, they are mixed with water and turned into slurry. Grease from pizza boxes causes oil to form at the top of the slurry, and paper fibers cannot separate from oils during the pulping process. Essentially, this contaminant causes the entire batch to be ruined. This is the reason that other food related items are non-recyclable (used paper plates, used napkins, used paper towels, etc.).