Renewable Energy

Multimodal Transportation Center

The Multimodal Transportation Center is a multi-level transit facility designed to provide students, faculty, staff, visitors, and the community easy access to and within the campus and surrounding communities.

The Center supports UNI's commitment to sustainability by capturing and reusing solar energy, as well as facilitating the use of transit and other modes of transportation to campus.

Photovoltaic Panels

The University of Northern Iowa's Multi-Modal Transportation Center is powered by 960 photovoltaic (PV) panels. Each PV panel output is 215 watts for a total of 206,400 watts for the system. This is equivalent to powering approximately 75 to 100 average homes.

This facility is one of the first net-zero buildings in the State of Iowa.

Real-time PV Power Output 166 KW
Total Cumulative PV Energy Output 233,808 KWH