UNI C.A.R.E. Award (Creating a Responsible Environment)

The University of Northern Iowa is committed to responsible stewardship of our natural resources and sound leadership in developing education, programs and services that promote a sustainable future. Recognizing that there are university individuals, departments, student organizations, and programs that are actively working to encourage responsible environmental stewardship, the UNI Sustainability Council is seeking nominations for the fourth annual UNI C.A.R.E. Award. You are encouraged to nominate individuals, programs, organizations or departments that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainability.

Award Criteria:

Awards are intended for UNI students, faculty, staff, organizations or programs that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to and positive impact on a sustainable future.  Areas to consider include (but are not limited to):

  • Individuals who demonstrate leadership, serve as positive role models, and/or inspire others to becoming actively involved in promoting positive change in behaviors that impact the environment;

  • Activities that engage and/or educate the university community to promote responsible lifelong behaviors with respect to the environment and sustainability;

  • Program or activities that included direct engagement with and for UNI students;

  • Outreach activities that engage and support communities and make a positive impact within the community or organization served;

  • Programs, initiatives, education or research that contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, promote energy conservation, reduce waste stream, contribute to storm water management, improve water quality and/or support a more environmentally efficient campus;

  • Initiation of improved or best practices that enhance the University's commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship.



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250 words or less
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