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Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016
2016 UNI Panther Pickup

Panther Pick Up—a project to help the environment while benefiting the community - will be held Thursday & Friday of Finals Week. Rather than pitching stuff when you move out of your residence hall or apartment, donate your usable items - including running shoes, mattresses, carpets and books! See the Panther Pickup page for more information.

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016
UNI CARES (UNI Creating A Responsible Environment Showcase)

UNI CARES (UNI Creating A Responsible Environment Showcase) is a campus-wide event to showcase diverse projects, research, curricula, and initiatives that contribute to building a responsible environment. Faculty, staff, centers, departments/programs, and student groups will share how they are creating a responsible environment. Participants will share courses, student work, research projects, creative work, and various sites and centers. The aim of this showcase is to promote activities... Read More

Educational Programs

UNI has a variety of educational resources relating to sustainability and the environment, including various educational and research centers located on or around campus.


The successful management and preservation of our natural world is an essential aspect of sustainability in our everyday lives.


We have an unmistakable impact on our environment, and successfully limiting and reducing that impact is key to long-term sustainability.


UNI has myriad opportunities for student involvement in sustainability and environmental programming and efforts.

Waste Management

From plastics and paper to food and electronics, the careful and conscientious management of waste products is vital to managing a sustainable campus.

Food Programs

Food is a huge part of our lives and is very important to those living in the heartland; it is also one of the easiest areas in which to make a substantial change.