Sustainability Engagement Committee

The UNI Student Sustainability Committee strives to embody UNI’s core value of sustainability by raising awareness, engaging students, allocating the Green Fund’s resources, and working to solve sustainability issues in the UNI community.

This committee is responsible for allocating funds generated by the Green Fund as described by the budgetary guidelines. It proposes funding recommendations to the University Director of Sustainability for final approval.

Requests for funding from the Green Fund can be submitted through the following form. Green Fund Request Form


Committee Membership:

Abigail Kraft Member
Alanna Byrnes Member
Allison Williams Member
Alyssa Burgert Member
Autumn Boettger Member
Bailey Caskey Member
Hugh Zehr* Co-chair
Maxwell Tensen Co-chair
Nicole Baxter Member
Samantha Bennett Member
Eric O'Brien** Ex Officio

*NISG Sustainability Director

**UNI Director of Sustainability