UNI Sustainability and Environmental Faculty Advisory Board

Composed of up to ten members, this board provides faculty participation and leadership in the strategic plan’s call to build a vibrant campus community that is economically sound, environmentally responsible, and socially just.

Faculty whose research, teaching, and service touch on at least one of the three pillars of sustainability – social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainable systems – make up this board.

Advisory Board Objectives:

● Define the goals and mission for interdisciplinary initiatives on sustainability curriculum, community engagement, and diversity.

● Work with the Provost’s Sustainability Fellow in fostering those sustainability initiatives across campus and throughout our local and regional community. 

● Help broaden ownership across the curriculum and second to provide guidance in managing the Certificate in Sustainability.

Terms on the board are to be for two academic years, with a minimum of one meeting per semester. 



Gowri Betrabet Gulwadi Professor School of Applied Human Sciences
David Grant Associate Professor Languages and Literatures
Abbylynn Helgevold Instructor Philosophy & World Religions
Eric Lee Associate Professor Accounting
Mark Myers Associate Professor Biology
Alicia Rosburg* Associate Professor Economics
Mitra Sadeghpour Associate Professor School of Music
Elizabeth Sutton Associate Professor Art
Angela Waseskuk


Catherine Zeman Professor Health, Recreation & Community Services

*Committee chair and Provost’s Sustainability Fellow